A Special Message from the Trustees

A special message from the Trustees of Rosebery Community Centre

We hope you have enjoyed your visit at the Community Centre. Rooms and facilities are available for you to hire which we hope are of a very good standard and that that they have met your expectations.

The landlord of Rosebery St Peter’s Community Centre has recently started to charge rent of £15,000 per year. That is just over £41 per day. This put the considerable strain on the trustees to keep the centre solvent without considerably increasing the room hire rates.
Hopefully, you appreciate the centre and want it to be kept available for use. Options and negotiations are being considered to be able to maintain the centre available for your use and for other user groups who patronise us, without a significant increase in the fee structure.

Would you be willing therefore to make a contribution towards the centre to keep it running? You could do donate by cash, cheque or by bank transfer using the following details – Account number 00241124 Sort code 30-95-21.
Further entertaining ways to find money to contribute to our funds are shown below:-

If you are a UK taxpayer and you have not used up all your gift aid allowance, your gift could be enhanced by 25% from the government! This means that if you pay tax and you contribute say £10, then the centre would receive £12.50 from your contribution. A worthwhile way of enhancing your gift without any cost to yourself. For a full explanation and appropriate form, please contact us.
Do you have any old £5 or £10 notes? These are now not legal tender. However, we could use them and would be able to make full use of their value!
When going shopping decide that on your return, you will put aside particular denominations of coins, (they could be all your loose change for all your coppers, or any other particular denomination). On your return put your chosen coins in a tin or a jam jar and when the tin or jar is full bring it to the centre to contribute to our funds. You could change your coin on each shopping trip, cease your contribution on having a full tin or jam jar or keep it going for all your loose change and bringing us the tin full or jam jar full or whatever you have collected whenever you come to the centre.
Many people now use text to communicate on their mobile phones. Did you know that you can also use text to donate money to organisations of your choice? If you are interested in giving by text, please let us know and we will give you the appropriate number to use to donate.